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The Little Pizza Joint That Could

The parking lot of Carpenetti’s Pizzeria in Moody is packed! Cars are squeezed into any opening their drivers can find – around the back of the building, in the grass, in the dead zone between the restaurant and the Chevron station next door. Inside, hungry diners jockey for attention from the hostess for one of only about a dozen tables as a steady stream of people queue in line for what seems like an endless run of take-out pies. The phone rings off the hook, the small staff constantly runs back and forth from the kitchen to the house, and pizzas fly in and out of the brick oven at a quicker pace than the ending sketch of an episode of the Benny Hill Show. And the kicker is, it’s only Tuesday.

3 Unique Booze-Free Drink Options

As much as you may not like it, there are times when booze just isn’t possible at the tailgate or inside the stadium. So, what do you drink when a cold beer or a Moscow Mule just aren’t an option? You could reach for a syrupy can of cola or, heaven forbid, a bottle of water. But, if you’re in the mood for something different or just want a fresh, alcohol-free take on a classic cocktail, consider these no-alcohol drink choices at your next tailgate. In recent years, a handful of startups have co

Tailgater: James Hromadka

Deep in heart of Texas, and, therefore, football country, James Hromadka has set his enthusiasm for tailgating on the sport of soccer, specifically the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer. A charter member of the Texian Army, one of the largest independent supporters groups for the Dynamo, Hromadka is currently the treasurer and travel director of the 501(c)(7) organization, but, perhaps most importantly, he’s the grill master. A financial advisor by day, this sportsman and outdoorsman is so

5 Regional Sodas For Your Next Tailgate

Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale Buffalo Rock Bottling, Birmingham Alabama [MEDIA:1397997] First bottled in 1901 as a remedy for stomach ailments, this Birmingham, Alabama tradition isn’t your average ginger ale. Much darker in color, Buffalo Rock packs a spicy, powerful punch that’ll put some hair on your chest. Many Buffalo Rock drinkers call it a “ginger cola”, while others claim to the drink does help alleviate some stomach problems like motion sickness. Buffalo Rock is delicious when poured over van
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