Pop The Top

The temperature is starting to heat up and, as tailgating season at the NASCAR track, baseball park and other outdoor venues kicks into gear, chances are you’re going to get a wee bit thirsty. While a case of beer or, for the more sophisticated members of our tailgate party, a bottle of white wine are sure to find space in your cooler, soft drinks are a must. Since you’re already spending time searching for the coolest craft brewski, why not try out these craft sodas from around the country.

The Big 10: 5 Cool Football Traditions

The Nittany Lions arrive to Beaver Stadium in style – blue bus style. This Penn State tradition is essentially a parade. Thousands line up to watch police cars escort 3 big, blue buses. Not sure who is starting quarterback? Watch the processional. The starting quarterback leads the team off the buses and into the locker room. Coach Franklin has tweaked the tradition. The buses now stop at Medlar Field rather than outside of the stadium’s South tunnel. This modification allows fans to make a tunn

Texas: 10th Largest Economy in the World

The list of good things happening in the economy of Texas is long, and the environment for business and a skilled workforce keeps getting stronger. If Texas were a nation, it would rank as the 10th largest economy in the world based on GDP. Texas continues to maintain its position as the nation’s top exporter, a title the state has held for 15 consecutive years. In 2016, Texas exported $232 billion in goods to destinations all over the world with Mexico, Canada, China, Brazil and Korea as its t

Undefeated: The Carolina Panthers and the Growth of Cam Newton

It's worth noting that the Panthers finished the 2014 season with a sub-500 record (7-8-1) and their franchise quarterback, Newton, is a year removed from a serious car accident that left him with two fractures in his back and gave the Panther nation a collective lump in its throat. While Carolina did make the playoffs - defeating the Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card game - despite a losing record, the 2015 Panthers are starting to be mentioned in the same breath as the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Arts, crafts and food offer plenty of reasons to visit Springville

By Loyd McIntosh Springville's reputation as one of the area's most charming, scenic, and friendly small towns is becoming more and more well known by the day. Additionally, the last two years have seen a new wave of creative entrepreneurs who are planting roots in the community, turning this cool little town a little bit funky, but affordable at the same time. "We have a bunch of big changes happening here in Springville and we're getting some new blood in here which is exciting," says Dene
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