3 Unique Booze-Free Drink Options

As much as you may not like it, there are times when booze just isn’t possible at the tailgate or inside the stadium. So, what do you drink when a cold beer or a Moscow Mule just aren’t an option? You could reach for a syrupy can of cola or, heaven forbid, a bottle of water. But, if you’re in the mood for something different or just want a fresh, alcohol-free take on a classic cocktail, consider these no-alcohol drink choices at your next tailgate. In recent years, a handful of startups have co

Escape the Nosebleed Section

You managed to get tickets to the “big game” this weekend, and you and your best buds are stoked! After parking in another county, you’ve finally made your way to the stadium. Then, after hiring a sherpa to help lead the expedition to the top of the stadium, you finally arrive at your seats in the nosebleed section. However, as it turns out, your seats are so bad you aspire to be in the nosebleed section. But you’re a real sports fan and deserve the see the action up close. So, what do you do?

Step Into The Ring

On a sweltering hot Friday afternoon in late July, the parking lot of Total Body Fitness is so full, many cars have parked in the grass and mud in the vacant lot next door. Inside, the gym is just as packed as dozens of athletes, trainers and others mill about. There is excitement and even a little tension in the air. All of this activity isn’t for a hot, new exercise class. No, excitement builds for the weigh-in for a boxing event taking place in a little over 24 hours at, of all places, the CEPA Building in Pell City.

Pop The Top

The temperature is starting to heat up and, as tailgating season at the NASCAR track, baseball park and other outdoor venues kicks into gear, chances are you’re going to get a wee bit thirsty. While a case of beer or, for the more sophisticated members of our tailgate party, a bottle of white wine are sure to find space in your cooler, soft drinks are a must. Since you’re already spending time searching for the coolest craft brewski, why not try out these craft sodas from around the country.

The Big 10: 5 Cool Football Traditions

The Nittany Lions arrive to Beaver Stadium in style – blue bus style. This Penn State tradition is essentially a parade. Thousands line up to watch police cars escort 3 big, blue buses. Not sure who is starting quarterback? Watch the processional. The starting quarterback leads the team off the buses and into the locker room. Coach Franklin has tweaked the tradition. The buses now stop at Medlar Field rather than outside of the stadium’s South tunnel. This modification allows fans to make a tunn
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